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We look forward to welcoming you to the Passau Spine and Joint Centre. A team of experienced specialists awaits you in our barrier-free rooms. A pleasant atmosphere and professional staff ensure that you feel at home with us. State-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive expertise help us to achieve the best result for you - because in everything we do, the patient's well-being is our focus.

Your Dr. med. Holger Fritzsching


Many patients only learn how important health is when they fall ill. As a specialist in orthopaedics and rheumatology, I support you both with preventive health care measures and with the specialist treatment of your physical dysfunctions. Find out here which services you can make use of in our practice and how we can help you to continue to care for your health.


Arzt und Patient

+ Interventional orthopedic pain therapy

+ Treatment of rheumatic diseases

+ Arthrosis treatment

+ Osteoporosis therapy

+ Chirotherapy

+ laser acupuncture

+ naturopathic treatment, regulatory medicine

+ Immune Medicine for Stress Syndromes

+ Burnout, infections, chronic pain

+ Ozone therapy


+ Specialty Spine

+ herniated discs, protrusions

+ Chronic degenerative spinal disorders

+ Acute and chronic joint pain

+ Rheumatic complaints of the joints

+ soft tissue rheumatism

+ shoulder, neck and arm pain

+ pain syndromes due to infections

+ Phantom pain after surgery and amputation

+ pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments




+ herniated discs

+ Radio frequency sclerotherapy

+ Catheter treatment according to Prof. Rasz (USA)

+ Arthroscopic joint operations

+ sciatica

+ Special hand and foot surgery

The operations are performed on an outpatient basis in the patient's own operating theatre or as a consultative doctor and short-term inpatient in a cooperating hospital.


Respect for the individual resilience of the patient is a principle in our practice. The prerequisite for the application of the correct form of therapy is a precise diagnosis and knowledge of the origin of the complaints. In therapy, we rely on innovative, pain-free treatment techniques in combination with the latest high-tech developments. The methods of natural and regulatory medicine are also important therapy supplements - because prevention always comes before surgery.


Treatment with PRP at stem cell level


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy opens up completely new options in the treatment of joint pain and chronic inflammation. We have been successfully using this highly effective procedure for many years for all forms of arthrosis and painful muscle and tendon problems. The therapy with PRP corresponds to our fundamentally biological-regenerative approach, which relies on the self-healing powers of the body. We can therefore completely dispense with the controversial cortisone and rely on highly effective, so to speak "living substances" which we extract from the patient's blood plasma. These adhere to the thrombocytes and leukocytes. Over 3,000 of these growth and regeneration factors are now known.



By means of a special procedure, these factors are activated to the maximum and, comparable to stem cells, induce a sustained regeneration of cells and surfaces. This makes it possible to stop the continuous degradation of arthrosis or to heal chronic inflammations without burdening the body with foreign substances. Since the body's own blood components are used, there are virtually no side effects or intolerances.



The application of PRP has made enormous progress due to the latest research results and continuous optimisation of technology and is now at the stem cell level. Close cooperation with international developers and a constant exchange of experience with renowned users enable us to offer therapies of the highest standard.

Biological arthrosis treatment

Through the use of regulative and anabolic substances, the self-healing powers of the joint are promoted and cytotoxins are deactivated. So-called "lubricants" cover the surfaces with a protective film and rebuild the cartilage. The elasticity and tensile strength increase, the joint can be loaded again and the pain subsides.


laser acupuncture

The stimulation of the classical acupuncture points is done with this technique by infrared laser light. A decisive advantage is that painful tissue damage caused by needlesticks can be avoided. The energy absorbed by the tissue leads to a multitude of effects. Multiple metabolic processes are set in motion, important enzyme systems are stimulated and the cell's energy reserves are renewed. Therefore - in contrast to needle acupuncture - the positive effect on the body is much more complex.

radiofrequency therapy

Radiofrequency currents are high-frequency currents whose energy causes the molecules of the tissue to vibrate. This creates a thermal effect and at the same time creates a strong magnetic field. Heating makes it possible to specifically treat tissue. For example, excess disc tissue can be removed and chronic pain nerves can be obliterated. Depending on the energy, it is also possible to strengthen tissue in itself and improve tissue metabolism.



The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks bone loss among the ten most important diseases worldwide. Osteoporosis is diagnosed and treated in our practice according to international standards. Special, highly effective drugs have now made it possible to stop further bone resorption at an early stage and to reduce progressive deformations of the skeleton. This significantly reduces the risk of fractures.


Medical ozone treatment

Medical ozone has a wide range of applications due to its manifold effects on the organism. By mixing with one's own blood, additional oxygen is released and the properties of the blood are specifically improved. Blood treated with ozone promotes the formation and microcirculation of blood vessels, especially in the case of circulatory disorders. It supports wound healing and regeneration of cartilage and joints. Above all, it is a bioregulator of cellular antioxidants and thus an important radical scavenger in oxidative stress. Ozone activates the immune system in a special way and is dissolved in the blood, killing germs and alleviating pain. Ozone therapy is therefore an excellent addition to pain therapy.

Im OP.jpg

Fully endoscopic surgery of the intervertebral disc

Today's modern, minimally invasive surgical methods do without larger incisions and the associated, sometimes considerable tissue injuries. They thus protect the sensitive structures especially in the area of the spinal column and prevent excessive scarring. This successful "keyhole surgery" is being continued in the latest generation of high-tech endoscopy.

For more detailed information about our therapies and offers, please contact us at any time.


We want you to feel at home with us!


As an orthopaedist, it is important to me to treat pain in the area of the spine and the musculoskeletal system as effectively and sustainably as possible. The cause of the pain is first localized through a detailed examination using the most modern imaging techniques. The application of innovative and efficient high-tech procedures then makes it possible to quickly and accurately achieve a lasting freedom from pain. Because the goal of our efforts is in any case the quick return of the patient to normal life!


A motivated and committed team of employees supports us and helps us with patient care and the smooth running of our daily tasks.

For appointments, information or questions to the different treatment topics, we are to you gladly at any time at the disposal.




Specialist in orthopaedics, trauma surgery and rheumatology

Chirotherapy, naturopathic treatment and acupuncture

Doctor for balneology and medical climatology

Training in the USA for interventions on the spine

Special hand and foot surgery



In 2016 we founded a company in Moscow for the purpose of optimal medical care in the field of orthopaedics, rheumatology and innovative pain therapy.

The aim is not only to apply the knowledge and skills in practice, but also to teach, to establish a highly specialized medicine in Russia, to exchange ideas and to cooperate in continuous further development.

In the meantime, a clinic with qualified specialists and specialists has been set up on site, who perform outstanding work every day thanks to our support and guidance. This project is financially supported by the ERDF and the European Union.



SIS (USA) International spine intervention society

BVOU - Professional Association for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery

Member of the Medical Society for Ozone Application in Prevention and Therapy e.V.

ÖGO (Austria) Austrian Society for Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Surgery

ISMISS (Switzerland) International Society for Minimal Intervention in Spine Surgery



Dr. med. Holger Fritzsching

Facharzt für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie
Spezialgebiet Wirbelsäule
Leiter des Wirbelsäulen- und Gelenkzentrums Passau


Dr. Emil-Brichta-Str. 7 · D-94036 Passau

TEL +49 (0)851 9882620 · FAX +49 (0)851 988262 15

Please make an individual appointment with us to avoid long waiting times.
The costs will be covered by private health insurances, aid offices and supplementary insurances. Self-payers who are insured with statutory health insurances settle accounts with us according to individual agreement.


Appointment: +49 (0)851 9882620

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